A Wedding for the Whole Neighborhood

Today, I am feeling especially inspired to write about a wedding that truly warmed my heart.

The Browns were married 15 years before this ceremony, but for their anniversary they decided to have the wedding they always wanted but never got the chance to get.

It was a wedding full of joy, with kids and grandkids, friends and community members – everyone came out to celebrate on a cruise down the Hudson.

There are two moments that stick out in my memory: the toasts and the dancing.

It seemed like everyone had something to say as a toast for the couple. Some from family, from sisters and friends. But what I remember the most where the neighborhood kids who consistently said “You are the reason I believe in love and know what true partnership can be. You inspire me to be better.” That has always warmed my heart, knowing that these two people became pillars of inspiration for a community of kids figuring out what life is about.

However, the dancing impressed me more. After the toasts and dinner, this cruise became a full dance party that never stopped. I think of myself as someone who can dance for a long time, someone with a lot of energy… but this wedding danced me under the table. Even when I left the wedding at 11PM, they were all still planning on meeting up at the house for more dancing and celebrating. That much joy cannot be contained.

So, on this rainy day, it is truly lovely to remember the vibrant energy that The Browns had on their beautiful wedding day.